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Peshawar Heritage Trail – First Weel of Work

Peshawar Heritage Trail – First Weel of Work


ArcTech Engineering Consultants had conducted a pictoral site survey of the existing condition of the buildings and infrastructure of peshawar heritage trail. Thus concluded that the environmental and infrastructure conditions in the Walled City are so serious that they compromise the basic livability, seriously limit tourism potential and threaten the physical degradation and loss of the culture of the area.

There are numerous issues currently facing the Walled City including :

  1. The conservation issues of cultural and historical bazaars which characterize the city.
  2. The loss of historical properties in pursuit of modernity and commercial gains at a constant rate.
  3. The lack of basic survey and documentation of the Walled City.
  4. The fact that there is nowhere for owners of historic buildings to go for information concerning how to conserve, who to employ, where to get financial assistance etc. without this, owners will opt for demolition.
  5. The fact that overall environmental degradation of the Walled City has reached unacceptable levels.
  6. Training in tourism, conservation and crafts is inadequate to fulfill identified needs
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