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AE Consultants is a product of the national renaissance of the early 2012 in Pakistan. The idea was to attain self- reliance in engineering consultancy at national level and to reduce dependence on foreign consulting firms by developing an indigenous talent pool, which culminated in creation of a private limited company in 2012, aptly named as the “AE CONSULTANTS & ENCOEN ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS PRIVATE LIMITED.

A small group of experts in various engineering disciplines were handpicked from the existing Government and private organizations to run AE Consultants. Undertaking projects of such large magnitude as the Sheikh-Maltoon Township, G13, G14, Gorabaz, Islamabad Survey & Planning and “COMPTON SCHOOL”, Hallingdon Council, Educational College of London Borough of Red bridge in United Kingdom etc. at the outset was no mean challenge for an organization in its infancy.

It was due to the commitment and dedication of the founding members that such projects were successfully commissioned on schedule, contributing significantly to the burgeoning national & international economy. With this magnificent head start, the company soon expanded rapidly to accommodate the substantial business, which has kept pouring in since then, and by now, AE Consultants has rendered services for 110 with a cumulative cost of PRs. 1618 Million (US $ 11.01 million), yielding a revenue of PRs. 109 million (US $ 1.03 million) to AE Consultants up to January 30, 2016. Within a year of inception, AE Consultants had entered the international arena by winning projects in China. After that there was no looking back; by now the company has provided, or is providing, consultancy services for 38 projects in 3 countries including United Kingdom, China and Pakistan. Today foreign business accounts for nearly 50% of AE Consultants total earnings. Having gone through its formative, growth and consolidation phases during the last 6 years, the strength of the Company’s staff now stands at 49 as on January 30, 2016. This includes 23 professionals and 25 Para- professionals, the remaining being support staff.

AE Consultants is proud to have retained a solid core of experts in various fields despite ups and downs in the consultancy market. This asset has proved to be the company’s backbone and the company owes a lot to the skills and dedication of its employees at all levels. The greatest advantage AE Consultants has over many other national and international consulting firms is that it can provide services in almost every field of engineering and economic development including water resources, agriculture, energy, transportation, communications, SCADA, environment, water supply and sanitation, architecture, urban planning, industry, oil & gas, IT and GIS under one roof. The nature of services ranges from conceiving a project, carrying out master planning, pre-feasibility, feasibility and planning studies, preparing designs, tender documentation, management consultancy, construction supervision, contract management, preparing operation and maintenance manuals and specialized services for periodic inspection of engineering works. This is a great advantage it provides a single window to the Clients for all aspects of their projects.

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AE Consultants has always believed in providing quality services to its Clients and had developed its quality policy in early days and kept on improving upon it continuously according to the needs of time through a dedicated Quality Management Team. The latest quality policy of the company is reflected in this document. Due to the excellence achieved in quality management, AE Consultants became one of the sound engineering consultancy firms in Pakistan to obtain the Zero Carbon Emission certification in 2009, and was later on given the evergreen status in 2012.

The greatest success AE Consultants has achieved is the development and promotion of consultancy profession in Pakistan by emphasizing the importance of the profession on every forum. Besides doing its own business, the company has supported and helped other smaller consulting firms of Pakistan in improving their experience and credentials by making joint ventures/associations with them. At present there is number of thriving Pakistani consulting firms, providing services both at national and international level.

Our vision for future is based on constant growth and development to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing world and its environment in step with the requirements of the times.

Ar. Uzair A Khan
Chief Executive and Principle Architect

Our Professional Team

AE Consultants have the real super powers as administration to lead country.

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